Security Policy

Security policy

Ensuring the safety of personal data of our customers – is one of the main tasks for us. We do not share any third party's name, address, phone, e-mail and any other personal information which indicate our customers, making an order in our shop.

We use the SSL encryption technology which has already become a standard for encryption industry. Thus, the personal information of visitors is encrypted. This ensures transaction security.

1.Get familiarized with the policy of our website. Before making an order in our store, first of all, please, you must read and accept all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

2.The information you provide voluntarily. When you visit an online store "Men-Sport", you have a right to get acquainted with any product you are interested in without registering on the website. You need to register on our website if you decide to purchase any product from our online store. This information includes personal information of our client (name, email address, and password). To protect the personal data of our customers against unauthorized or accidental access, our company has taken a number of technical measures to eliminate fraudulent transactions. Please draw your attention that we get the personal information that you voluntarily provide to us using our resources. In order to avoid incorrect information, we reserve the right to re-request information.

Website "Men-sport" does not sell or disclose personal information about users of the service to third parties. Please not to give information about your login and password to third parties.

You can view, delete or change most of your personal information after login.

The main purpose of collecting personal information - is to provide you with a positive shopping experience and facilitate follow-up orders in our online shop.

We check all information about payments made by the user (last name, first name of the payer, the date of payment, the payment amount). Also we guarantee within our competence, integrity of data received from the user.

Men-sport.com uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to provide you with the most reliable and secure e-commerce service. SSL technology enables you to encrypt sensitive information, including passwords during online transactions. All forms of payment on our site are protected by SSL-technology, so that we can guarantee the security of your personal data.

What does the certificate and data transmission technology means?

Your personal data won’t be intercepted or cancelled.

HTTPS - an extension of the HTTP protocol that supports encryption. Data transmitted over HTTP, "packaged" in the cryptographic protocol SSL or the TLS, thus ensuring the protection of these data. Unlike HTTP, HTTPS for the default TCP-port 443. This system was developed by Netscape Communications Corporation, to provide authentication and secure connection. HTTPS is widely used in the world for Web applications where security is important compounds, for example, in payment systems.

We use advanced 256 bit encryption instead of 128-bit legacy that guarantees 100% protection against spoofing and identity theft.

Authoritative Comodo.com certifier confirmed the existence of a secure connection and transmission of user data and site men-sport.com

Why do I need SSL and where my data could be tampered with?

Imagine you came to the cafe, where there is free WI-FI and connected to it. We went to a site that does not use SSL (HTTPS), i.e, the site opens in the address bar on the HTTP: // ******, and enter login, password, or personal information on this site. Due to the lack of a secure connection, attackers with access, such as WI-FI router or lines provider can read your data or replace easily. In consequence, the scale of the problems may be from elementary theft password to steal credit card numbers, accounts, etc.

Does your site have a secure connection? How do I know that the connection is secure?

Our site uses SSL-encryption for transmission of sensitive information occurring between your browser and our servers. To make sure that this is a secure connection, note the URL https://men-sport.com/. "HTTPS" means that the connection is using SSL. Also, you can see the green lock in the left corner of the browser window.

SSL is used by such popular resources such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Google and others. Now men-sport.com joined the list of sites to protect users' data.